About Littleton Discovery Playgroup
About Littleton Discovery Playgroup
Meeting our Team
  • Led by native English groupleaders well qualified and experienced in inspiring and guiding children.
  • Children interact with others of similar ages from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • A relaxed, happy time together and explore the world through play experiences in a friendly and stimulating environment.
  • Learn new and constructive ways to interact with your child.
  • Structured group activities with appropriate monthly schemes.
  • Various programmes suitable for infant to teenager.
  • Small group size of 8 children / 4 children for certain programmes at similar ages allows greater attention to each child.

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Discount offered:

5% - 2 sibling enrolling together / Payment of 2 terms / Enrolling in 2 courses / Settling payment 10 days before the start of a new term / Discovery Park residents / Vision City residents

10% off - Payment of 3 terms / Enrolling in 3 courses

15% off - Payment of 4 terms / Enrolling in 4 courses

20% off - Payment of 5 terms / Enrolling in 5 courses

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Our Courses

Various courses are provided.